Monday, September 14, 2015

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AL Husketh

Monday, July 27, 2015

Fence Sitters: Thinking About Starting an Internet Business?

                 The key to everything is taking action. While things usually start with a thought or idea, somebody has to do something to make them happen! We should first analyze our situation – why do you think you want to start a business from home? Likely it has to do with money. However there are other intangibles that could be causing you to think about starting your own business. For example maybe you are in a rut at work, wish you had a different job, know you could do more and you want to be more interested and invested in what you are doing; maybe you would like to be with your family more, or are bored with staying at home to take care of kids or others. While this is very important, you don’t find it particularly stimulating mentally; or for many reasons when you have looked for a job you were over or under qualified, didn’t agree with some ideologies of the company, or weren’t ‘politically’ connected and/or just didn’t fit in.
                Maybe through years of trial and error you find that you really want an alternative lifestyle. Guess what! It’s your life and if at all possible you should be able to live the way you want to. After all they say you only live once and the regrets that people have are more about what they didn’t do than what they did. How tragic. So many people have to ‘sell out’ just to survive. They can’t be themselves or have any fun at least in public and still keep a roof over their heads. Anybody logical knows that is the primary consideration – survival – and so they don’t feel that bad about having to go along with the program in order to live comfortably. Guess what! You can have it all if you can think of a way to become self-employed. If you have a home, a computer with an Internet connection, and some basic skills, you have all the makings of a home business.
                Now all you have to do is determine some ways that you can make money. You may have to do this in stages where it is not your best idea that is the most feasible. Just like in a corporation where you have to start at entry level and work your way up, you may need to do this with your own business – but the point is to start some place. There are a number of different things you can do and/or learn to do online that would make a fine business someday. At all points the search engines are your best friend. You can research anything just by submitting a query and you can drill down with all the links you can find that give you information about your ideas. If it is something you need to learn, find out how you can do that, how much it will cost, if anything; do comparative analysis on all of your ideas to see what is most feasible for you. Be sure you know what you are doing and how to do it before you ‘burn any bridges’ (quit your job, fire your boss, etc.).

                Be realistic. You need a way to survive while you are building and developing your business. Be logical – nothing is going to happen overnight or by magical thinking. Set your target goals and then plan exactly what you need to do to make it happen. The budget to survive in the meantime should be a primary consideration, obviously. Eyes wide open, march onward and upward to reach your goal!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ideas for a Home Business

           Although not all businesses have to be related to computers and/or the Internet, it is highly recommended to pursue the Internet as the way and the means by which you market and advertise any home business. You will find that everything is less expensive, much faster and easier and more effective in that you can reach so many more people. For example; a guy that made videos of his dog misbehaving has gotten over 25 million hits! Too bad he is not selling anything. He should think of something with a response like that. Some things that come to mind that would work well with a site dedicated to those videos could range from pure kitsch, like a framed portrait of the dog which could be sold as tee shirts or refrigerator magnets, to something substantial like treats for pets and pet accessories (pet beds, leashes, training books, or toys). This would be called ‘monetizing’ the site. It is likely animal lovers or people who have pets would be interested in the video and would be the best target market for pet products. It’s a natural!

So that is just one example of taking almost nothing and making a business around it. Other examples can be something like a recipe for which you receive compliments and maybe even is something passed down in your family for generations that people always love. You could make something like cookies, candies or cakes and package them up and sell them. For example gift baskets for the various holidays that include a dozen cookies, a decorative mug and some little packs of coffee, tea or cocoa. This of course involves shipping and packaging that will allow everything to arrive in one piece. You could create an expensive or even free site (blog) to advertise your gift baskets. If you have a digital camera you just need some good pictures of the baskets and the ingredients. You would need to factor in all your costs for materials and shipping (and of course a profit) and create order forms. The cheapest (free) way to accept payments would be to get a free button for your site – that way you can accept credit cards through PayPal without having to incur all the costs of having a payment gateway, (“cart”) etc. (All the credit card companies charge a monthly fee even if you have no sales).

So you could apply this type of ‘theory’ to almost anything you can think of – arts and crafts – for example soap and candles, or other crafts like jewelry or decorative gifts – anything you enjoy doing or even what interests you like your hobbies – sports, etc. – you can build around anything and they actually say that you do best with what you like to do so why not make some money while you are at it? If this is all more involved than you had anticipated, you might also consider just selling the recipe! This would go nicely with a blog where you do share some recipes for free and/or discuss various baking techniques and ingredients (just keep the prize ones to make money). Again, how you might monetize a blog about baking might be to get a line of bake ware – pans, mixers, etc. In this case you might want to get a free store from so that you could list their products and they would handle the payments for you and pay you a commission. 


Friday, July 10, 2015

You Need to Take Control of Your Life – Earn an Income Online from Home

Unless you have been holed up in an igloo the past 20 years you must have heard the horror stories about people suddenly losing their jobs without cause and without notice, and many of them unable to replace their income. You must know that many of the industries that created employment here in the US have been moved to foreign countries where they can pay almost nothing for labor. It is actually the position or even company that is being eliminated – so the position is not going to be available to someone else in many cases. In spite of selling the workforce down the river, the last recession has shown that the businesses themselves can go bankrupt and consequently go out of business. Bottom line is that many thousands of new jobs that would be created; are not. No more taking it for granted that you can always find another job.

This is hitting people at all skill and income levels and stages in their careers (all ages). The last recession also taught us investments are also vulnerable – many people lost their life savings, their real estate etc. Rather than retiring they are looking for part-time work as a result. The point here being that we are vulnerable – more than ever before – our very survival and ‘lifestyle’ are not guaranteed. However you can take control of your finances by starting a business where you can earn an income from home. Ideally you could do this part-time while you still have a job and start saving money for an emergency – and God willing if that emergency never comes, you can always use it for retirement or something fun like a vacation or for something you always wanted but could never afford living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Although there are lots of things you can do at home to earn money, the easiest, least expensive way to do things is online. No matter what you decide to produce or sell, the Internet is the best way to promote it. There is just no comparison between virtual or online advertising vs. printing and mailing costs for example, just to name one aspect that is superior about Internet marketing. There is no way that you can reach millions of people all over the world if you are trying to call them on the phone either. Not being a computer nerd is no excuse at all. There are ready-made services, software applications, consultants, etc that perform all of the technical tasks necessary. If you would like to have total control then maybe you can take some courses online from a community college (very inexpensive) to learn some technical things if that would make you more comfortable. The more you can do for yourself the least expenses you will incur as well.

The important thing here is that you take action – commit some time each week to researching ways you can take control of your own financial situation by creating a way to earn an income apart from your job or career – Best to start it before you are desperate so that you can land on your feet if something unexpected should happen.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Home Business Start-Up – Your Primary Tools

  When we talk about ‘tools’ we mean resources. Resources can be anything from time to money to skills. Starting a business online really requires most of all a willingness to learn and a strong will to succeed.
  The most important skill for Internet marketing is writing. Whether it is writing to communicate with others, blogging, or creating ads, publishing content is of major importance. It goes without saying if you have some challenges and you just really can’t see ever becoming proficient at writing; then there are services that you can use for ghostwriting and copywriting that will get you through with some expense.
  However it would be much more natural and of course inexpensive if you were to ‘bite the bullet’ and force yourself to do something that is maybe out of your comfort zone – and now you have the motivation to do so if you really want to have a successful Internet business and you believe it is in fact necessary to write.
  To make it real simple, writing is related to reading; it is related to talking; in fact it is related to thinking. More than likely you can do all 3 of these things – now the trick is to get it all into your fingers and start typing! Just sit down and start pounding away to say what you are thinking, what you have read, what it means to you.
  There is a technique used for decision making and planning that also works really well to help you start writing! It is referred to as ‘brainstorming’. Brainstorming is where you don’t worry about crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s – you just let your thoughts flow freely and start listing them. In the case of decision making it might be two-columns with Pros and Cons. For planning; it might be just a ‘to do list’ in no particular order. You can sort everything out and organize it later but the point is just to get it all down where you can see it.
  So if you are really having trouble writing; know that once you just get started trying that it gets easier. There really is such a thing as ‘writer’s block’ even for people who are comfortable with writing. However, it is more a question of having ideas to write about and with business online you are fortunate that there is so much information available that you can use to create an idea. One of the main ways is to do keyword research – find out the relevant terms used in your niche – and then go to a free keyword research tool and look them up – that will produce other related words and phrases. List them out and build around them.
  You can actually use your keywords as an idea list. If you have to pretend you are talking to someone, or writing someone a letter, fine – just start writing. Describe the keyword – what does it mean in general – what does it mean specifically to your business. What are some of the ideas you have with regard to that term; what information (facts) do you have; what have you read or heard people say about it. Write it all down – remember don’t worry about what it sounds like or looks like just get it down.
  Then maybe get away from it and let it all settle down in your head. Go back to what you wrote and start cleaning it up – Create sentences, check your spelling and grammar, and try to organize it into paragraphs. Do a little more research and put the term in a search engine query to get some more information and ideas that relate to this term.
  You know as they say, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ and this will work a lot better for you than ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t know how’ or ‘I’m new’. You have to try! Find a way to “Just DO it”.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

If You Think You Can Start a Successful Home Business You Probably Can

            No doubt everybody has heard the children’s tale ‘The Little Engine That Could’. This classic story tells of a small train that works very hard and is subsequently able to pull a much larger train over a hill. Throughout the story, the train repeats the phrase “I think I can, I think I can”. The little train has the right idea. Then in Internet Marketing lore, is the motto: “if you think you can you probably can, and if you think you can’t you are probably right”. So to put them together, thinking that you can and telling yourself repeatedly that you can; may be a great thing to do. Easy enough to remember, ‘I think I can’. You may be confident enough to say ‘I know I can’ eventually. Whatever it takes, you can do it.

The point to both stories is that you have to fervently believe you can do something against all odds, and going up against all obstacles, real or perceived, and know that you will be the victor. Now it would be nice if this was all it takes – ‘mind over matter’ – however that is unlikely unless you have some kind of supernatural powers. You need to take action at the same time as you are riding on the momentum of your mantra of ‘I think I can’. If you have both you have ‘a powerful combination. Think you can as you do things to promote your business development (that you may not understand in the beginning) – think you can when you ask yourself why you need to do it; or you wonder how to do it, and most of all when you ask how come you don’t see any results yet, you have to keep riding on that wave of power that says you think you can.

If you ever saw the cartoon that goes with the book of the ‘Little Engine That Could’ – you knew how hard he had to work pushing and chugging and chugging ahead to pull that heavy train up that hill. You will see the analogy after a few long days at your computer when you are starting your home business. It can be like pushing uphill in a hurricane of information, until you can focus on the tasks at hand. It’s not hard, but it’s not easy at first, either. There is ‘no excuse with ‘I can’t’ (yes you can if you try hard enough); or ‘I don’t know how’ (then learn); or ‘I’m new’ (so was every Internet millionaire at the beginning). If you are really determined to do something and it is something that you can control one way or the other, then there is no doubt that you will do it. How long will it take? No crystal ball here -it depends on lots of different things, but the primary one is how hard you are willing to try; because no matter what the obstacles or ‘set-backs’ be it just time or effort, you will find a way to get through it if you are really serious about your business.
                It may be that a lot of people have trouble realizing that although working from home is a lot more fun than a ‘real’ job, and we are really free to work when and how we want to, we have to remember that it has to be taken very seriously – just like a job. True there is nobody there to give you an infraction for being late or not completing your tasks, but YOU know and YOU need to force yourself to do what needs to be done otherwise you need a manager, you aren’t one. Don’t blame the program, service or product that you are trying to sell if it doesn’t work for you. It is also not your sponsor or mentor’s fault if YOU don’t work it sufficiently. The responsibility is yours if you are going to make your business work FOR YOU. If there are any of the above that you honestly determine are not performing to your expectations, then make a change to that component or element. OWN IT. Just remember that just like a ‘real’ job, the manager is the one who is considered responsible whether it goes well or not. You being your own boss are ultimately the one who must always know definitely that ‘YOU CAN succeed and YOU WILL.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Thinking of Starting a Business Online – Where to Begin

    First of all you need a real plan. A plan would outline what resources you have to invest, as far as your time, money and skills. There are no deal breakers here as even if you have very little time and/or money and skills you can still start a business on the Internet. Depending on how determined you are, there are ways to make up for any deficit you may perceive.

    The key there is determination. If you have absolutely no money to work with then outside of starting to save a few dollars every time you get money, there is also taking stock of what you do spend your money on. All bets are off that if you are really committed to the idea of having your own business, you can make a few sacrifices as far as non-essentials – entertainment, trips, or luxuries.

    You can be real direct with this and for example when you would normally pay for tickets to some event, take the exact amount you would pay and put it away in a savings account for your business operating expenses. When you decide you don’t really need to take that trip, figure how much gas you saved and the bridge tolls, etc. and put that away.

    With your time, this is a major factor particularly if you have no money as you will need to spend more time working in doing this for yourself if you can’t pay for services. If you feel you don’t have the skills, then you can always learn how to do things. Your major, free resources are the search engines like where just about anything you ask under the sun will be answered within minutes. It may take you some time to go through all the results you get though.

    There are even free courses that you can take online at organizations like These can be basics all the way to more technical to learn how to build and/or maintain websites. There are also community colleges online where you can take excellent courses for just a few dollars and you can do it in the evening and weekends right along with your day job.

    Determination and sacrifice – these are key ‘skills’ that you need if you are going to challenge yourself. It isn’t easy to work all day, commute, have a family and then devote time to being online to start a business. Thousands of people do it and it is very gratifying when you find yourself spending time improving your lot rather than playing the big couch potato and wasting your time.

    This is not to say you don’t need fresh air and exercise as well as plenty of sleep. You will find however once you get into it that it will all fit nicely. You will make it fit if you really want to start a business. You will be amazed where you can find money, time and skill when you need it. Go check it out here!!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

The Importance of Choosing a Good Affiliate Program

Before spending your money on anything, of course you want to be fully aware of what you are actually buying into. You need to know if you can afford it, and if it meets your requirements. You need to be sure that you will be able to use it effectively (does the program include training, instruction and support). You need to know how it works and what is included (the basics as well as any resources available to members). Very important for any affiliate program, you need to be aware of any special circumstances that may be part of the compensation plan.

There is usually a lot more to it than that you pay so much for the membership and you receive a percentage of the cost in commissions when you make a sale. The special circumstances could mean that you are ‘passing up’ a commission to your sponsor or giving them a percentage of each sale. In some really progressive companies, you could even be ‘spilling over’ your sales to your downline (those you sponsor) to help them build their organization ‘under’ you.

The compensation plan has to work in a way that you as a sponsor would get exactly the same compensation as your sponsor does. This of course may be dependent on you being able to reach the same ‘level’ as they have – usually the number of sales someone has made will dictate their level or grade in the program. This is fair and is the same as being promoted or given a raise in any corporation based on your performance.

With affiliate programs it may also be that you have purchased the products or services on the same level as you are able to earn commissions. This is a good idea because you should have a full understanding of what you are selling and to feel enough confidence in it to purchase it yourself. Likely you will be much more believable if you have direct experience.

Affiliate marketing is a very good way to break in to Internet marketing and having your own online business at home. Some people may not understand what they are paying for and feel that the membership fee in itself is a rip-off. When you look at it as a ‘job’, it is true you should never have to pay for a job. However with affiliate marketing you are actually part of the company – and you are working for yourself. The affiliate program is sharing their intellectual property with you and allowing you to legally profit from their business.

It is fair that you are charged for membership because the program has spent and is spending a lot of money to create a product or service, and to maintain the business. They perform customer service not only to you but on your behalf to your customers. They handle all the sales transactions for you as well as the accounting. They provide not only the product or service that you are able to earn commissions for selling, but also pay to maintain the website, member database, and the graphics and other advertising resources that are available to members. So you are saving maybe millions by spending a little each month on your membership fees.

To be especially diligent in researching the programs you should be wary of those that cost a lot of money to join, have contracts, and do not guarantee a refund. You really need to be careful with this and document everything carefully. Remember that using your credit card to purchase something gives you a little bit of a guarantee on your own, in that you can file a dispute if the company does not live up to their promises either to deliver or to refund. Your being able to do this does rely on you keeping solid documentation of everything between you and said company. There are time limits that you can dispute something as well as legitimate parameters for the term they guarantee a refund. Go here for an outstanding offer as an affiliate!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Are You Really Serious About Starting a Business at Home?

If you are seriously considering starting a business at home you should think about a few things before you waste your time or your money. While the skills and experience you have acquired during your working career can definitely be a benefit to you when starting your own business, there are additional elements that are important to your success.

For one thing, structure and discipline are necessary to run a business. We may have taken these for granted while working because we went to work for a company that already had procedures and all we had to do was learn them. We were also provided with a job description that let us know what was expected of us. We were given a schedule which told us when to show up, when to take breaks and when we could leave each day. To reinforce this we had a supervisor or manager who would keep us in check.

When you are starting out on your own you have to create all this structure for yourself. You need a plan that includes goals; you need to schedule your time and to stay motivated to do the work that is necessary. Regardless of whether it is your only job or adds additional duties and responsibilities to your already busy life, you have to have a plan. The key is since you don’t have anybody to hold you accountable like a manager; you need to have lots of discipline to remain focused in doing what is necessary to run a successful business. When you are your own boss, it is all too easy to procrastinate.

One of the most critical things when we have a job is the fact that we know how much money we are going to take home and when we can expect our paycheck (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.). This enables us to create a budget and a schedule for paying our bills, etc. This can definitely be a challenge when you are working for yourself because there are no schedules or guarantees in this regard. You never know how much you will make or by when, as that depends on many different factors, the primary one being how much time and effort you are willing and able to invest in your business.

Obviously being able to survive while you are building your business is paramount, so this should be your first consideration. Hopefully you still have an income from a job, or severance pay or unemployment insurance to cover your living expenses. You must never speculate on your survival. NEVER spend the rent, food or utilities money, gambling that you will have it back by the time it comes due. You absolutely have no way to know for sure if you will or not and it is critical not to end up without shelter or food when you realize that it is going to take a bit more work and more time to see any return on your investment.

Something that is also very important with regard to all of this is your mindset. Will you be able to remain undaunted when you don’t see results right off the bat? Do you really understand that nothing will happen instantly or without a good deal of effort to promote your business over time? You really need to ask yourself if you will be able to stay focused and motivated without seeing any tangible results. It requires faith and self-confidence as well as the right information about how to do what you need to do to succeed.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Easiest & Fastest Ways to Start an Online Home Business

Without a doubt one of the easiest ways to start making money online is to join one or more affiliate programs. You need only to ‘brainstorm’ a couple different ways to start a business and include some of the more critical details in getting started, to realize which are easiest.There are affiliate programs where you can promote tangible products such as in an ‘independent distributor’ situation where you will drop-ship to your customers; you can promote digital products such as would be delivered online by download – software, different technical services, etc.; and you can promote the affiliate program itself to earn commissions for referrals. You might want to consider a combination of these as some are easier to sell (in addition to easier to implement). This may include a combination of one-time-sales and residual income which recurs monthly. It may be easier to make a one-time-sale as there isn’t as much commitment involved as in residual income.

However residual income could be considered ‘working smarter’ since you make the sale once and continue to earn money from that initial sale. (this doesn’t mean rest on your laurels because you always want to be pursuing new business as people do quit, etc.). No matter which business model(s) you choose, it will require your engagement and making a consistent effort over time to really build a substantial business. You may want to start with just one and build that up and make sure it is running fine before you start to branch out to another business. It depends on you and whether or not you consider yourself a multi-tasker – not to mention how much time you may have to devote to your business over time. Some people can do more than one thing at a time and do them all well, while others really need to focus on one thing at time.

The bottom line is that affiliate programs will usually give you some very important resources to work with just for joining the program. These include a sales page which is a type of website that has your affiliate link imbedded. When anyone responds to the ad, the sale will be directed to your credit and the company will pay you a commission. So with this you are cutting out possibly years of learning how to create a web page, or possibly some serious money to have one created for you. Another really critical element that you couldn’t easily do yourself as a beginner, is to provide customer service including to process the sales transaction itself – the payment gateway, the communications, the problem resolution if any, etc. So never begrudge an affiliate program the membership fees they may charge as they have really earned it by providing you with real value to help you to easily have a business.          Go Here!!

AL Husketh

Monday, June 8, 2015

Should You Want to Start a Home Business?

     Most people should start a home business to make money. To what degree depends on the individual circumstances. It could be extra money to pay bills because the regular paycheck is not ‘stretching’ as far as necessary. It could be extra money for some special thing like a vacation or a new car for example. It could be extra money to create some savings or investments for retirement or a ‘safety net’.
      Money could be needed more critically if someone has lost their job and has been unable to find another one, and need to replace their salary. This is the scenario where they would be better off if they had started something part-time that they could capitalize on where ‘spare time’ is all they have right now! It is important to plan for the unexpected just like we should do for earthquakes or hurricanes, etc. Once the emergency hits, it is a little late to prepare.
      Although when we are doing well and don’t think we have any problems it is normal to not worry, if somebody reads the news for the past few decades they should realize that ‘only by the grace of God go I’ is a real, true statement. It could happen to anyone. Don’t get complacent because you know you do your best to do a good job, and often ‘go the extra mile’ to exceed expectations; however that is no insurance at all. When companies make decisions to eliminate jobs, it is positions that they are looking at, not people. Be prepared. Save your money, start building something on your own to increase your security. Do it now before it is critical.
     There are blogs and other social network communications from people who call themselves the ‘used to haves’ – these are people who used to have good jobs and enjoyed a good salary and all the things you can buy; they are people who are educated and skilled. Yet they lost everything through no fault of their own. They lost their jobs and their salary because their company merely wanted to make more money and so they moved their operations ‘overseas’ where they do not have minimum wage laws or taxes. The ‘used to haves’ are now struggling to pay their bills, have no prospects for jobs and are every day becoming more and more depressed and deeper in the hole.
     Yes, for the most part wanting to start a business from home is mostly about money – but there is a lot more to it as far as feeling strong and feeling good about yourself because you are doing more than what is expected – because you always feel you can accomplish more, and because you are going to be prepared for the unexpected (and if it never comes you will find something to do with a nice chunk of money you have saved!)
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Thursday, June 4, 2015

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Monday, June 1, 2015

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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